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     The Celtic Dog is the symbol of healing and a guide to lost souls.  And at Iron Dog Energetics we have been helping our patients to heal and guide them to a better physcial, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

     We use the "energetic-based" systems of Chinese Acupuncture and Japanese Rei Ki to accomplish this goal.

     We have been doing this for nearly 20 years throughout NYC and Long Island. 

We Specialize in Reducing Pain, Stress and Stress-related Ailments

      Pain, stress and stress-related ailments are very common complaints in modern society.  Where there is one the others are often not far behind.  Pain, wheter acute or chronic may cause stress because pain can cause limitations that are unacceptable.  

     Pain and stress are often accompanies by a variety of ailments that include insomnia, weight gain, smoking, gastric reflux and affected judgement.

Let us help

      Our treatments focus on fast pain relief so that it is easier to rest, relax, de-stress and maybe even reflect and meditate.  Even though one may experience spa-like relaxation from our treatments this is a medical office; not a spa.

    For quick pain relief Richard Tan's "Balance Method" is primarily used.  The goal is to treat the point that works not just the one that hurts.  See video of Richard Tan.   

Our Goals

  • Reduce pain an increase range of motion.

  • Decrease stress, depression and pain so that one has an improved quality of life.

  • Reduce medication with the guidance of your medical doctor or therapist.

  • Address the conditions that often accompany stress and depression and pain.

  • Provide a comfortable and quiet space where you can feel an "escape". Provide an opportunity where you may "find your own answers" by looking inwardly.


Our Mission  

     We use a variety of "energetic oriented"- hence "Energetics" in the name - systems to reduce pain, calm the mind and free the spirit of those who are ready to take the next step towards a calmer and better self.


Are you an optimal candidate for our services?

  • Are you ready to feel better?

  • Do you want long term improvement?

  • Are you willing to commit to yourself?


We accept:

  • Medical insurances in or out or network

  • Cash/Credit/Debit card

  • Bitcoin

  • Groupon*


*Acupuncture Groupons are available for first time patient's only.  These are intended to serve as an introductory services for serious patients.  Sorry, no groupons for Rei Ki or Tui Na.



    The Celtic Dog/Hound

    Image from the Book of Kells

    Celtic Hounds symbolize hunting, healing, and the Otherworld in Celtic legends. Hounds were the traditional guardian animals of roads and crossways and are believed to protect and guide lost souls in the Otherworld


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    Board Certified


    250 West Main Street, Bay Shore, NY  11706