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     At Iron Dog Energetics we have been using Chinese Acupuncture and Japanese Rei Ki to guide our patients to a better physcial, mental, emotional and spiritual life for over 15 years.


      Our treatments encourage rest for the stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed mind and an provide opportunity to reflect and meditate.  Physical relaxation and pain relief naturally follow.


    For quick pain relief Richard Tan's "Balance Method" is primarily used.  The goal is to treat the point that works not the one that hurts.  See video of Richard Tan.   



     We use a variety of "energetic oriented" systems to reduce pain, calm the mind and free the spirit of those who are ready to take the next step towards a calmer and better self.


Now. Are you ready to feel better?


We accept most major medical insurances.

The Celtic Dog/Hound

Image from the Book of Kells

Celtic Hounds symbolize hunting, healing, and the Otherworld in Celtic legends. Hounds were the traditional guardian animals of roads and crossways and are believed to protect and guide lost souls in the Otherworld.

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Strencth, Loyalty and Guidance in Health