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The office- small in size big at heart.

     We are small cozy, medical office tucked away at the back of Hoffman Law office where we face Lawrence Lake.  Our environment is so relaxing that some patients forget that we provide medical services and not spa services.

     Because of our discrete location and semi-private treatment room,  we are able to offer lower cash prices compared to our colleagues in the neighborhood.  Lower cash prices makes is easier for those with chronic conditions to afford regular treatment.  

     For those who absolutely need silence during treatment, we offer exclusive treatments for double the cash price- which is still competitive to other practices in the area.


Lawrence Howard LAc, MSAc            is a New York State licensed acupuncturist and Rei Ki practitioner who has been practicing throughout New York City since 1998.

     As a clinician he is the developer of the acupuncture style he calls “Energetic Acupuncture”.  This is standard TCM acupuncture with the addition of direct awareness of the body’s energy- qi and other related structures.  This requires development one’s own natural abilities of perception.

     To the patient, the Energetic Acupuncture experience means attention to details, finely tuned questions and often a quick improvement in their ailment.

     In addition to acupuncture, Lawrence is a ReiKi practitioner in the clinical setting. 

     As a teacher, he is currently a clinic supervisor and instructor in New York College of Health Professions.

     As a writer, Lawrence has had at least one article publication for each year for the past ten years.  These article and links to them are on the article page.

     By taking a "bottom-up" (experience based) approach to Oriental Medicine he believes that today's practitioners can have experiences similar to the ancient ones and thus  better understand the classical texts. 

     By doing so, he also believes Oriental Medicine can flourish in a manner consistent with its development and preserves its integrity.


Maria C. Massone, RGMT, is a graduate from Stony Brook University of New York with a degree in Religious Studies specializing on archaic philosophy and symbology. She is an inducted minister and an honorary high priestess of the Universal Life Church Monastery. 

     Although she has been practicing various forms of energy healing from a young age, she received her first official Reiki certificate in 1996. She was awarded the prestigious Reiki Grandmaster certificate in 2011 making her one of the few in the country with that mention. Since then she has expanded her studies to a variety of energy healing techniques that include Celtic, Egyptian, Hindi, kabbalistic andGnostic systems among others.

     She has guided mass meditations of up to 300 people and is one of the founding members of The Master Shift group which has organized a few global meditation endeavors, the very first one of which included 22 countries. From then it has grown exponentially and the group continues to offer global unity moments for various causes.

     Maria is a lecturer and an author, currently writing her first book on the fall of the sacred feminine and its implications on the social structure in Ireland.

The Iron (Metal) Dog

 (click pic for image source)

In Chinese astrology the metal dog has a penchant for championing the underdog. Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs  generously give useful and effective advice to those around them.

The dog is considered a Metal element and when combined with this lunar sign, which is also governed by Metal, produces a double Metal sign, which is extremely formidable. Orientals call this combination the "Iron Dog".

The Iron Dog  year occurs every 60 years.

The Celtic Dog/Hound

Image from the Book of Kells

Celtic Hounds symbolize hunting, healing, and the Otherworld in Celtic legends. Hounds were the traditional guardian animals of roads and crossways and are believed to protect and guide lost souls in the Otherworld