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Articles by  L. Howard, LAc, MSAc

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Energetic Acupuncture




Diagnosis by Touching the Qi

Acupuncture Today



The Road to Healing:Fast or Slow? pdf

Qi Journal



Intuition and the Intake pdf

Qi Journal



My Patient, My Teacher and Using the Four Gates pdf

Qi Journal



The Eleventh Question: "How You Doin?

Links to Acupuncture Today



Managing Microsystems and Imagining Images pdf

Qi Journal





Where is the Qi in the Clinic?

Acupuncture Today



Are we Too Western?

Links to Acupuncture Today



Many offices, Many Lessons

Links to Acupuncture Today



Business Models

Links to



Consider Giving a Lecture?

Links to



The Minds of an Acupuncturist pdf

Qi Journal


"Asking the Insurance Rep the Right Questions"

Feb. 2016 Acupuncture Today



Masters Along the Way

Links to Acupuncture Today



Warnings on the Return to Enlightenment

Light Bridges Magazine March 2013 pdf



How distance makes the heart Grow fonder

Links to The Master Shift



Halloween Monsters Among Us:Zombies, Vampires and Monsters...Oh my!

Links to The Master Shift



Getting the Most out of a New Age Conference

Links to  The Master Shift



Miscellaneous Links

Be like coffee pdf


Licensed to Pill

Funny You Tube Video