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TCM Acupuncture-  The popular and standard style of acupuncture the American public is familiar.  Thin needles are inserted into specific places on the body for therapeutic effect.

Balance Method Acupuncture- Richard Tan's TCM based system for balancing of the acupuncture channels that often achieves instant pain relief.

8 Magical Points Acupuncture- Richard Tan's advanced Balance Method for complete balancing of the acupuncture channels.  Ideal for when "everything hurts".

Esoteric Acupuncture- Mikio Sankey's - TCM and Sacred Geometry based system designed to balance one or all of chakras and "reconnect" to higher planes of existance.

The practitoner will determine which system of treatment is most appropriate for the patient.


Rei Ki

Usui Rei Ki-The original Usui method  of Rei Ki is offered. Rei ki has been used not only to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress but to also to make pregnancy more comfortable, help those with autism, and address the side affects of chemotherapy.


Non-Rei Ki Energy Healing- This include a systems whose theory and origins are not from Japan.  We offer Celtic and Egyptian systems as well as others.


Spiritual Counseling- Often our clients wish to discuss their life issues or other concers during their Rei Ki/Energy Healing session.  We are able to include this service at no extra charge because the practitioner is also a minister.


Non-Needle Acupuncture Modalities

TCM Acupuncture includes a variety of non-needle forms of treatment as well.  

They include:

  • Moxibustion- burning herb (mugwart) to warm and promote circulation of acupuncture channels
  • Cupping- suction cup to relax the muscles promote blood circulation
  • Gua Sha- gentle "scraping"  the skin with a flat surface to relax the muscles promote blood circulation.  More superficial than cupping
  • Ear seeds- small seeds or metal beads place on ear acupuncture points.  Often used for smoking cessastion and appetite control.


Bio-photon therapy- experience pure light to improve your health. We use various single-frequency colors of non-laser light to affect subtle aspects the body to promote relaxation and healing.


Classes- Rei Ki and non-Rei Ki workshops, attunements and a veriety of other classes are offerred to help educate and assist the public on their personal journey through life

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